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Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

TIFs are a method of financing economic development in a given community. They use existing property taxes paid to pay for a portion of a new project. In essence, taxes from existing taxpayers are subsidizing future taxpayers. At least that is the objective.

As someone who supports the free market, I oppose TIFs especially if they are used to subsidize multimillion and multibillion dollar companies to come to Shakopee.

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Fiscal Disparity

Fiscal disparity is a revenue sharing program between cities in the 7 county Metro area. In 2022, Shakopee paid over $13 million into this program and received only $7 million back. That's a net loss of $6 million Shakopee taxpayers gave to communities like Wayzata, Prior Lake, Chanhassen, Chaska, and Apple Valley.  (Read More)

Supporting Shakopee Workers & Businesses

Our small businesses have endured a lot over the past two years. Shakopee businesses have shaped our local economy into what it is today. Shakopee’s City Council should champion our local businesses to thrive and grow. On the City Council, I will be an ally of the business community and make it easier to do business here. 

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Flavored Vaping Products

In 2022, the Shakopee City Council voted to prohibit the sale of flavored vaping products in the city that went into effect January 2023. 

I do not support this. This harms Shakopee workers and businesses and spurs the local economy in neighboring communities where flavored vaping products are still legal. 

If elected, I will restore business freedom in our city! 

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Financial Security

You are not alone in facing our country's dire economic situation. I share the same pains as you. We need a City Council that recognizes the financial stress we all face at the grocery store, gas station, and basically everywhere else. I will be fiscally responsible on the City Council so we can all get back on our feet! 

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Multilingual City Resources

To make Shakopee an even more accessible city, we must offer official city resources and documents to our multilingual and non-English speaking neighbors.  (Read More)

Community Safety

I am a strong supporter of all the men and women of law enforcement. On the City Council, I will support responsible safety solutions that keep Shakopee safe!  (Read More)

Mental Health

Lead to prioritize mental health care in Shakopee.  (Read More)

The Future

Holding onto our small-town roots, but reflecting the larger city we have grown into.  (Read More)

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